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Technologies of Interest

We deal with IP in the general areas of ICT, semiconductors, telecommunication, software, clean energy, life sciences, and medical devices.


Currently, we work with technologies in the following areas:


  • Cloud Computing

  • Graphic and General Processors

  • Video On Demand / Streaming

  • Social Networking Technologies and Applications

  • Mobile Payment Technologies

  • E-Commerce Technology and Solutions

  • Advertizing and Mobile Ad Technology

  • Mobile games and Mobile Game Technology

  • Image Recognition in Social Networking Context, Internet Search Context

  • Text Messaging and Chatting

  • Telecom

  • Mobile and Wireless Technologies

  • Smart Phone / Mobile Device technologies

  • Novel Device Interfaces (gesture/haptic interface, etc.)

  • Hardware and Semiconductor Technologies

  • GPS and Location-Based Services

  • Digital TV

  • Intelligent Home, Smart Home and Connected Devices

  • Internet of Things

  • Lighting & LED Applications

  • Medical Devices

  • IT Related Technologies for Automobiles

  • Clean Energy Technologies

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