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We Leverage our comprehensive IP transaction experience and network of contacts in US, Europe, and Asia to offer advisory services in IP Moneitization and acquisition, business development, and IP-related mergers and acquisition search and deal sourcing for investors.

IP Monetization

For IP owners, our services include analyzing your IP portfolio, identifying the market for your technologies, examining the best monetization strategy and business models, marketing your IP, and providing assistance with IP sale negotiations or licensing agreements.


We develop and execute patent portfolio monetization strategies for our clients. We analyze our client's IP portfolio by conducting technology assessment and IP valuation. Based on our discussion with the client on their IP's applications in relevant markets, we identify potential target companies in appropriate markets. We prepare marketing materials for the IP, and leverage our relationships and contacts with potential targets for discussions on IP sale / licensing. We play an active role in negotiating IP sale or license agreement on behalf of our clients. We can also provide assistance to IP owners on formulating IP enforcement strategies.

Services for Universities

For acadmenic institutions and research centers who lack an internal IP department, we offer specialized IP management services:

  • IP Portfolio Evaluation

  • Evaluation of Invention Disclosures

  • Market Assessment for the Chosen IP

  • Technology Commercialization Strategy Formulation

  • IP Marketing for Licensing and Industry Partnerships

  • License and Partner Negotiations Assistance 

IP Acquisition

For corporations interested in acquiring IP, we work confidentially on your behalf to identify IP of your interest and help you negotiate IP purchase or licensing agreements.


We work closely with our clients to develop an IP portfolio expansion strategy and IP acquisition roadmap for them. We customize our services based on clients' goals such as new product development or defense against litigation. We identify suitable IP available from corporations, universities, R&D labs, and individual patent owners and evaluate it against our client's goals. We then help negotiate IP purchase/license agreements on behalf of client companies.


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